Green Vision Recycling is committed to providing environmentally sustainable engineering solutions that permit the recovery and re-use of existing assets through numerous life cycles, safeguarding the availability of finite resources for future generations. Part of this process is accepting materials for disposal.

There shall be no organic material mixed with the fill.

The material being imported onto the site must not be from a known contaminated or high risk site (eg soil from a petrol station, soil from a timber treatment plant etc).

The contractor delivering material that does not meet the conditions outlined below is liable for any remediation costs which are borne by Green Vision Recycling to keep the site operational.

The driver shall notify the weighbridge operator of the source of the material (upon arrival to the site), to determine the location.

This will also provide the Supplier with the details of the Cleanfill and exactly where the material came from.

We hope you will support Green Vision Recycling, in promoting this high quality recycled alternative to natural aggregates.

Cleanfill shall exclude:

  • Material that has combustible, putrescible or degradable components
  • Materials that are likely to create leachate by means of biological or chemical breakdown
  • Any products or materials derived from hazardous waste treatment, hazardous waste stabilisation or hazardous waste disposal practices
  • Materials such as medical and veterinary waste, asbestos, or radioactive substances that may present a risk to human health
  • Soils or other materials contaminated with hazardous substances or pathogens
  • Hazardous substances

“All Cleanfill material delivered to Green Vision Recycling Pikes Point shall be limited to Cleanfill as defined as material that when discharged to the environment will have no adverse effect on people or the environment.”