After being shortlisted as a finalist for the 2013 Roading New Zealand Excellence Awards Green Vision Recycling was proud to be announced as the winner for Environmental Sustainability.

The Best Practice Award for Environmental sustainability was awarded for excellence in the development and implementation of industry best practice in Environmental Sustainability within the Roading Sector.   With an operating history of less than two years Green Vision Recycling is particularly pleased to receive this award which is in line with GVR’s commitment to strive for continuous improvements in environmental performance across all aspects of the business. At the core of GVR’s operations is optimisation of the use of finite natural resources through recycling and other best environmental practice to ensure these resources are available for future generations.

This award is a double header for Green Vision Recycling, not only does it recognise GVR’s commitment to sustainable practices, through the recognition of GVR being ahead of current best practice, it further reaffirms the quality of GVR’s products as a credible alternative to virgin aggregates and how this initiative is a contribution to the broader sector.

Green Vision Recycling has demonstrated that locally recovered roading materials can be successfully re-constituted to provide conforming, quality products for use in the Auckland roading network.

Marks were awarded in areas such as leadership, excellence, collaboration, innovation, results, and the benefit to the sector.