Recycled Asphalt Product (RAP)

In recent years there has been a significant widespread adoption of RAP products being re-introduced into the production of hot mix asphalt.
Some of the benefits obtained include:
  • reduction in mixing costs through savings derived in bitumen and natural aggregates
  • reduction in landfill tipping fees
  • reduced transport costs
  • improvement in structural contribution of asphalt pavement recycled asphalt fractions
  • improvement in deformation resistance of asphalt mix
  • complimentary to the adoption of Warm Mix Asphalt technology (WAM) which results    in reducing the carbon footprint associated in the production of asphalt
Potential uses for RAP products include:
RAP Fines:
  • high bitumen yielding raw material for the production of asphalt mixes.
  • sealing grit alternative ideal as a surface void filler or for blinding off fresh tacky bitumen surfaces
RAP Aggregate:
  • source of recycled aggregates ideal for asphalt production
  • alternative recycled aggregate option for membrane bitumen seals
RAP Base:
  • excellent for sub-base and basecourse materials. Suitable as a final running course in low traffic volume applications
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"Perfect for the production of asphalt mixes."
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