Foam Master™ (Ex-Situ Stabilisation)

Green Vision Recycling’s Wirtgen KMA 200 ex-situ stabiliser is a fully mobile, high volume mixing plant, rated at a capacity of up to 200 tonnes per hour of base or sub-base materials.

Capable of handling a wide range of recycled, natural aggregates and marginal materials, each material can be blended with a variety of stabilising agents as per our customer’s requirements. Common stabilisation agents include:

  • cement
  • flyash
  • lime
  • bitumen emulsion
  • foamed bitumen

Key Benefits of Ex-situ Stabilisation:

  • Fully mobile – unit can be brought in on a campaign or permanent basis
  • Quick set up process
  • Allows contractors and specifiers the flexibility of processing the pre-existing materials on the job site
  • Reduces transport costs and demands on the road network
    Opportunity to upgrade the performance of marginal materials which may have previously been considered unusable
  • Improvements in process control, by being able to stockpile and pre-test raw materials prior to mixing, permitting fine adjustment of recipe proportions to compensate for any minor variations in the materials received.
  • Added flexibility and convenience through stockpiling potential. Some forms of foam bitumen stabilised materials can be stockpiled in advance and drawn from when required.

“For added flexibility and quick set up, our unit comes to you.”
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Foam Master™ OVE (Paving Grade)

Our QVE (quick visco-elastic) product incorporates foamed bitumen binder with a rapid acting hydraulic binders (eg cement). This product is designed for paving applications where early release to traffic is important. Our own in- house design procedures ensure aggregate gradations, active fillers and foamed bitumen content are optimised to enhance performance. For those involved in pavement design, we are happy to provide indicative modulus and deformation resistance capabilities upon request.


ex-situ_option1Green Vision Recycling’s procedures insure our content is optimised for enhanced performance.

Foam Master™ OVE (Storage Grade)

Our SVE (slow visco elastic) product has all the benefits of Foam Master QVE but without the incorporation of active fillers like cement, the product remains workable for extended periods and can be stockpiled in adverse weather conditions without the bitumen being washed out of the aggregate blend. This unique attribute makes it ideal for use on an “as needs basis” without the additional operational and environmental complications of handling conventional active hydraulic fillers.


ex-situ_option2Owing to the excellent storage life of Foam Master SVE, these local materials can be processed on a campaign periodic basis, saving the need for continual costly imports or multiple establishments of in-situ stabilisation equipment for small quantities.

Bitumen Emulsion Stabilised

Green Vision Recycling is happy to discuss your requirements and work collaboratively in developing bespoke bitumen emulsion blends to suit your specific engineering requirements.


ex-situ_option3Speak to us about your specific engineering requirements.

Cement (or Lime) Treated Stabilised Base

Until recent times, cement, lime and blends of these two products have been the most commonly available stabilisation techniques used for the improvement of bearing strength of granular materials. The strength gained is generally correlated to the amount of stabilising agent being added, and require prompt placement and compaction.

We can provide a range of cement or lime treated stabilised base materials to match our clients’ specific requirements.


ex-situ_option4For prompt placement and compaction.