Repair Master™

As Customers seek to improve results and lower costs, Repair Master™ has become a valued tool for those individuals involved in maintaining important paved infrastructure assets or those seeking to make timely and effective repairs at their own property.

From pothole repairs to utility trenches, our product is rapidly becoming the repair material of choice for many of New Zealand’s leading utilities and road maintenance contractors.

Proven Technology

In the development of Repair Master™, Green Vision Recycling has worked closely with QPR, an internationally recognised market leader in the provision of cold asphalt repair materials. The product has a proven track record spanning nearly 20 years, providing a cost effective solution for nearly every conceivable pavement repair.

Typical environments include:

  • Carparks and Driveways
  • Airports
  • Commercial and Industrial
  • Ports and Freight Handling Depots
  • Parks
  • Highways
  • Utility trenches

Repair Master™ is produced using specially selected binding agents which permit the product to remain workable during placement but gain strength and stability through applied compaction and on-going trafficking. The material is designed to provide a ‘one application’ permanent repair.

  • Repair Master™ is available in 20kg sealed bags
  • Repair Master™ can be used in wet and damp conditions
  • Repair Masterhas a excellent shelf life and storage characteristics.

“In keeping with Green Vision Recycling’s Desire to minimize its operational impact on environment, low temperature production methods have been embraced to reduce the use of fossil fuels.”
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Clear the repair area and remove any loose or foreign material. Repair Master can be applied in damp conditions.
Place the Repair Master across the repair areas in layers up to a maximum of 5 centimeters in depth.

compactCompact. Each layer should be compacted separately before applying further layers. Continue until final layer sits slightly proud of the surrounding finished pavement to allow final compaction to bring repair surface level with surrounding pavement.
Traffic Repair complete.
Open traffic immediately – its that Simple!

contact-iconRepair Master™ is engineered to permit further consolidation from active trafficking and it is therefore common for the product to remain pliable for a short period following application.
Should you require faster set up times, a light sprinkling of Portland cement, or mortar dust, prior to final compaction, will speed up the curing process.